Woman in Power ~ Jess Osie

“It’s by leaping into the unknown that we enter the world of progressive change –
this is the space where there is infinite potential for creativity, new projects to be
born, and new connections to be made.”



We recently sat down with the inspirational Jess Osie to chat all things motherhood, Vedic Meditation and being a woman in her power. We were lucky enough to be introduced to Jess through our mutual love of Orchard St Cafe, when she reached out to us to create something breathtaking for the launch of her meditation space Satyam, designed by Interior designer Jacqueline Butler.

We met Jess and her beautiful family the morning of the event and were welcomed with opened arms and a forever grateful sentiment. The moment we stepped into the space we knew it was something magical, there was a peaceful energy reminiscent of the hills in Byron Bay and an undercurrent of tranquility that filled the air.

With a guest list of over 80 people it was incredible to see such a kind community come together. Jess led them through a Vedic Meditation practice in her soothing new space and afterwards they were treated to a Vegetarian Feast. To read more about the event and what guests feasted on click here.

We feel inspired to have received some insight into the ways Vedic Mediation can be life altering, how to balance motherhood and a thriving business, as well as the power behind stepping out of your comfort zone. Read on to find out more.




The first thing you do each morning that sets the tone for your day:

Vedic Meditation – I practice 20 minutes in the morning as well as 20 minutes in the afternoon. By tapping into the state of Being (as opposed to thinking, ruminating, worrying), twice a day, I am able to connect to who I truly am, the source of all – this creates flow, better decision making, clarity, creativity and connection to myself and the world around me. It also systematically releases stress from the physiology so that I can stay present with the task at hand in any moment. Most of my creative ideas tend to flow effortlessly after my morning ritual of meditation (sometimes supported by a Matcha Latte from Orchard Street café).



Can you give us a brief biography of your life so far?

Sure! At 5 years old, I knew there was something more to life than playing Barbie. I grew up in NZ and moved to Australia when I was 15. It was around this time that I knew I wanted my life to be in service of “helping people”. I believed I could have the biggest impact by studying Medicine, but after having an experience with the western medical system at aged 16 that felt disheartening, I decided to study Maths and Statistics at Uni. My first job was in the corporate world in Data Analytics and I suddenly found myself getting extremely stressed and developed severe anxiety. It was then that I found Vedic Meditation – a simple, natural practice that changed everything.

Over the first few days of learning, I knew I’d one day become a teacher – I could feel the deep benefits I was receiving and knew I’d need to share this with others. However, I wanted some life experience first. I worked briefly for a charity and then transferred to a tech start-up whilst completing some of the pre-requisites for my meditation teacher training. During this time, I also studied Ayurveda (the ancient Indian wisdom of healing). My Meditation Teacher Training culminated in India over 3 intensive months in the foothills of the Himalayas with my teacher Thom Knoles and my journey of teaching and sharing this practice with others began. 18 months ago, I gave birth to my daughter, India-Rose, who has been a huge influence in the way that I teach, understand the world and build community.

We recently opened up our new, purpose-built meditation studio in Bondi called Satyam (meaning inner Truth). Having experienced such profound shifts in my own life it is a privilege to have a dedicated space to support others through their own transformation.


Are you afraid of leaving your comfort zone?

I’m rarely ever in my comfort zone. Evolution and growth happen in the unknown and after many years of living like this, it’s just the norm. My husband and I often make decisions that don’t necessarily make sense on paper, but rather “feel right” and then we step into the unknown and take it as it comes. Whilst maintaining the status quo (or ever-repeating known) often feels like the safest place to be, it can have the impact of welcoming destruction into our lives (and it can get pretty boring). We see this all the time when people over-maintain relationships, jobs, habits and lifestyles, which have passed their use by date of relevancy.

It’s by leaping into the unknown that we enter the world of progressive change – this is the space where there is infinite potential for creativity, new projects to be born, and new connections to be made.

All this is not to stay that being in the unknown can be extremely challenging and testing. It can trigger us to start rapidly trying to think ahead, control, and even highlight old patterns that need letting go of. The beauty lies in our staying power – if we can transcend the need to control (because we can’t control anything anyway), then we are back in our power, and we’ll experience our deepest growth and biggest shift in consciousness and mindset.

For those who want to live a more creative and progressive life, my advice would be to have a daily practice that connects you to your deepest Self as well as surrounding yourself with community who can support and hold you through transitions.


Any words of wisdom on how to run a women-led, heart centred business?

We want to go with the flow. As women, we have the capacity to be driven and goal oriented, as well as the ability to be fluid and tap into what’s needed in the present moment. Occasionally this might deviate us from a linear goal we’ve set, but in my experience those “deviations” only add to a richer, juicier, more full expression of our intention. For example, I sit to write content and I bump into a friend, we have an amazing conversation and when she leaves, I’m filled with new ideas and more connections to add to the writing in this way, we can engage fully in life and find the interconnectedness between all things.

Our businesses evolve as we evolve – so one wants to be able to adapt and not stay rigidly attached to what seemed like a good idea three years ago. I find that the deeper I go within myself, the more connected and aligned I am to my ‘dharma’ or purpose –and through this process, my offerings become a reflection of that.  I have found that the better I’ve gotten to know my inner Self, the more courage I’ve had to stay aligned to my deepest purpose in the face of societal and cultural pressure. What makes us unique is our essence –our unique flavour and vibration. If we stay true to our authentic selves, we will attract customers and clients who resonate with our particular vibration and therefore truly benefit from what it is that we’re in service of.


How do you balance being a mother and professional? 

This is definitely a question we all could be asking. I believe that mothers are at the forefront of societal progressive change as we are raising the next generation and facilitating them to develop their own inner voice and sense of self leadership.

Firstly, it definitely takes support of your tribe (I wouldn’t be able to do any of the work that I do without the support of my husband and family who look after Indi and support in all ways).

Practically, I have my “work days”, and I have my “Indi days”. When I’m with Indi, I am present with her i.e. not checking emails, Instagram, or thinking about the to do list (as best I can). If I have an idea, I’ll pop it down in my notes and get back to playing. The beauty of being in the presence of a child is that they keep you in that innocent, present state – Indi is constantly vying for my attention to collect flowers, look at birds or draw pictures.

My husband and I now plan our weeks in a very structured way – we look at the week ahead and make sure that each of our desires (whether they are work or personal) can be met that week and then we support each other to make them happen. Within structure, we have a container for flow. We also make sure to carve out plenty of space to go slow.


What inspires you?

Mmm….The divine beauty of Nature. People who have truly sat with themselves, and allowed all parts to be seen – there’s a beautiful, vulnerability that shines through. Women in their strength and in their softness. Mamas. The human spirit – the fact that we continue to courageously move forward through hardship and pain and truly rise. Kindness. Flowing water, particularly the Mother Ganges river in India.



To learn more about the benefits of Vedic Meditation, you can contact Jess via her website,  https://www.jessosie.com/ or join into one of her inspiring, free intro talks.



Photography by Rita Ince

You can find her beautiful work via Instagram here.

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