Our Wandering Bars

We had to wonder, what could we create that could travel to the ends of the earth, serve curated botanical cocktails, tap beer and chilled vino bringing good times to all, whilst still looking beautiful?

Our beautifully designed wandering bars, Bar 11 and the 11 Fleet were born. By using only the highest quality, local and sustainable produce, we fuel our bodies with goodness so we can all have a good time.

  • Bar 11

    Bar 11 is the heart and soul of Eleven Events, wandering far and wide to bring good times to all. With beautiful brass beer taps, timber and terrazzo finishes, Bar 11 is a classic style that compliments any event. Working it for all wedding festivities, recovery parties, media activations and all your private parties, this one is a true showstopper at any event.

  • Pop Up Bars

    We understand that not all events have the space for Bar 11, so here is the full package without her. Still includes a beautiful pop up bar and our skilled bartenders, curating delicious cocktails. By using only the highest quality and sustainable produce wherever possible. Our hope is to allow you to indulge without all the nasties.

  • Bartenders

    You have it all sorted but want the professionals to do the rest? Let our bartenders take control, they will have your cocktails and chilled vino pouring all night long.

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